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Hello I'm Justin and I love to be here, and all that jazz. I am trans-male, but enough about me, tell me about you, talk to me, I love all that talking crap, tell me in my ask or even just a message, I so want to see in the insides of your brains. I'm a random blog that has nothing to do with being productive, but the most important thing to know about me is that I'm here, then I'll disappear, then I'm FUCKING everywhere! So I'm a spamming blog I guess? another thing is if i like your blog, I'll probably go on it and reblog a butt load of your stuff then go somewhere else. This happens on a regular basis. I do some NSFW once and a while. On a totally new note, someday I will marry Queen Elizabeth II .

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Where are your fucks?


Chef Ramsey: You don’t give a fuck.
Restaurant Owner: I do give a fuck.
Chef Ramsey: *looking around the kitchen* WHERE do you give a fuck?

Oh my God, that is gold.

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Imagine having Gordon Ramsey as your patronus

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Get your black lights out! Hotel Hell is back for a 2nd season on July 21! 


Get your black lights out! Hotel Hell is back for a 2nd season on July 21! 

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  • Woman: this restaurant is so bad I have to put on 50 shades of gray bingo during the weekends.
  • Ramsay: is there handcuffs involved?
  • Woman: there could be, if you wanted.
  • Ramsay: *flustered* I-uh-no, I just got here.
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I think that everyone deep down inside is Gordon Ramsay…

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What the fuck did you put in that sauce? It’s like some fucking sci-fi sperm! Gordon Ramsay on Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares 6x01 (Dovecote)